Pastor Mark

Senior Pastor: 

Mark Diemer


Phone: 765 – 425 – 2238

Pastor Mark has been at the Alexandria Church of the Nazarene for 11 years. He went to college and graduated from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pastor Mark is our Senior Pastor here at ACON, but sometimes you can refer to him as a part time lumberjack with how much he enjoys chopping firewood. Mark is married to Tami and they have one daughter, Crystal Stephenson (married to Nathan Stephenson), and two grandchildren, Mariah and Ian. Pastor Mark enjoys playing golf, fishing, watching movies, and cutting firewood.




Office Manager: 

Larry Stafford


Phone: 765 – 620 – 1897


Larry has been a part of the Alexandria Church of the Nazarene for 50 years. He went to Alexandria High School and then went on to General Motors Institute and Ivy Tech. Larry is now retired, however, he was a Design Engineer and Director with Guide and he now works as the Office Manager here at ACON. Larry is married to Sherry and they have one daughter, Jeanne Phipps (married to Chad Phipps), and two grandchildren, Meredith and Harrison. Larry enjoys being out on the golf course, working in the Church Office, and visiting daughter’s family in Warsaw.




Nazarene Nursery School Director:

Tiffany Stansberry


Phone: 765 – 724 – 3967


Tiffany has been a part of the Alexandria Church of the Nazarene her whole life. She graduated from Alexandria High School. Tiffany worked as a Special Ed Paraprofessional at Alexandria Intermediate School and was a substitute for the Nazarene Nursery School. Now, she is the Nazarene Nursery School (NNS) Director. Tiffany is married to Chris, and they have three children, Jayden, Jada, and Jalee. Tiffany enjoys going camping, boating, shopping, having family vacations, and coaching!



Darren Hollingsworth

Worship Leader & Interim Youth Pastor:

Darren Hollingsworth

Phone: 765 – 425 – 4144




Debra Herrmann

Children’s Leader: 

Debra Herrmann


Phone: 765 – 643 – 5643


Debra has been a part of the Alexandria Church of the Nazarene for 25 years. She went to college at Bowling Green State University and the University of Cincinnati. Debra is the co-owner of Mike & Debra’s Quality Homes and she is the Children’s Director here at ACON. Debra is married to Mike, and they have two children, Maria LeMond (married to Korey LeMond) and Heather Vance (married to Colin Vance), and two grandchildren, Evelyn Rose and James Everett. Maria and Korey have Debra’s first grand dog named Shiloh, and Heather and Colin have Debra’s second grand dog named Sharlee. Debra loves nature as she enjoys hiking in the woods with her husband, going on runs outside, swimming, and gardening, plus she absolutely loves to read and study God’s Word. She also loves taking kids on outings/field trips, whether they’re her own grandchildren or other little ones, and she’s passionate about re-doing homes and planning events that may lead to someone coming to know her Savior, Jesus.